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Explore my presence at the  RCA2020digital show.


Join me for conversations on the topics of creative practice, my selected theme of textile construction, as well as studying and graduating during a global pandemic.

RCA2020 graphics by Janie Chufy and Mi Zhou (Jo)


Feasting and Weeding

Curated by Sue Timney

We must now consider reasons for making by asking WHY?

If we can’t answer these questions then maybe this business of textiles must reconsider its position.

This curation concentrates around designers who ask these questions and have reconsidered and who move towards some new starting points. Designers who look at the ‘feast’ and begin to ‘weed’, by daring to look further.

Tipping Points

Curated by SustainLab

During 2019–20 SustainLab hosted a broad range of events from bio-materials workshops, crits, social events, exhibitions and panel discussions. We are delighted to reflect on the past academic year by curating this collection which showcases works from members of the society and beyond around present and future creative sustainable solutions.

This Collection will be discussed during the SustainLab Panel discussion.

The Constructors

Curated by Textiles Department

Builders of narratives, spaces and objects, they translate worlds that encounter new territories with intended purpose, interweaving construction methods that are contrasting yet form harmonious environments.

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